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I've been trying to update X-Plane from 11.20 to 11.31.  Whether I use the installer or follow the prompts in the application the update will not download.  When I use the installer it notifies me that an update is available and successfully scans the installed files on my machine (Windows 10, X-Plane on the desktop).  Once the scan is finished, the installer tells me, "You are about to download 1.0 GB of compressed data to update to X-Plane 11.31r1."  And, "You have enough free disk space to update X-Plane 11."

When I hit "Continue" the installer freezes.

I've attached a log file.  Any help would be appreciated!  Thanks!

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Do you have enough free disk space ?
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Hi ajax84532

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK, but having looked through your X-Plane 11 Log.txt file, I found the following text:- Zip to file failed with error 1610612631. file = C:\jenkins\design-triggered\source_code\core\files\FILE_compress.cpp line = 505, which may be a plugin failure?

If this is a plugin, it may be worth taking it out of your C:\X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins folder and try running X-Plane 11 again in its original 11.20r4 version state. If this works, then try the X-Plane Installer.exe application again, to see what happens?

As this is primarily an 'install' issue however, could you please upload your X-Plane Installer Log.txt file, as opposed to the X-Plane 11 Log.txt uploaded last time. 


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In response to gorio:  Yes, over 600 GB free.

Greengolfer15:  I'm attaching the installer file.  Thanks for the suggestion.  I'll try again with your suggestions about plug-ins.

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Hi again

I've had a look through your X-Plane Installer Log.txt file and have noticed that when the installation begins, it starts deleting files in your C:\X-Plane 11\Resources\default data\CIFP\ folder, namely:-

0:12:37.157 I/INS: Deleting file C:\Users/user/Desktop/X-Plane 11/Resources/default data/CIFP/CTK2.dat:
0:12:37.157 I/INS: Deleting file C:\Users/user/Desktop/X-Plane 11/Resources/default data/CIFP/DITB.dat:
0:12:37.157 I/INS: Deleting file C:\Users/user/Desktop/X-Plane 11/Resources/default data/CIFP/EKVA.dat:
0:12:37.157 I/INS: Deleting file C:\Users/user/Desktop/X-Plane 11/Resources/default data/CIFP/ENNK.dat:
0:12:37.157 I/INS: Deleting file C:\Users/user/Desktop/X-Plane 11/Resources/default data/CIFP/FDBS.dat:
0:12:37.157 I/INS: Deleting file C:\Users/user/Desktop/X-Plane 11/Resources/default data/CIFP/FDNG.dat: 

When the install gets to this point, the file stops logging entirely?

All of the highlighted items in red, are ICAO airport codes which do not appear to be valid any longer according to the latest AIRAC cycle in Navigraph. I did however find five of them in Skyvector and all are very minor airfields dotted around the world, but probably now defunct?

This is probably why the X-Plane 11 install is trying to delete.

To get around this, you may wish to consider deleting your C:\X-Plane 11\Resources\default data\CIFP folder entirely and allow the X-Plane Installer to replace any missing or corrupt files as necessary.

Hope this helps:-)


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1.  I removed the CIFP entirely from the Resources folder as you suggested.

2.  Once again, the installer failed in the same way, only this time it choked on scenery files.  I removed those and tried again.

3.  Once again, the installer choked, this time on data files.  I decided to remove the entire Resources folder to see what would happen.  Once again, the installer failed.

4.  As it happens I have a cloned hard drive in the same machine.  I booted to the clone and removed X-Plane entirely.  I went to the site and downloaded the Demo version.  The download proceeded normally and the program ran with no problems.  I put in my license key; again no problems.  The downloaded version was 11.05.

5.  At this point I ran the installer again to update from 11.05 to 11.31.  This is different from before.  Previously the version to be updated was 11.20.

6.  Once again, the installer failed.  I’ve attached the log file.

7.  Scans show no viruses or malware.  I’ve had no problems with other software on the machine.

Thanks again for your comments.

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Your X-Plane Installer log file shows that the system started to install, but did a similar thing to the previous attempt, namely it begins to delete about six different files, before the logging ceased altogether? Ummmm..??

I noticed however that when you downloaded the demo version of X-Plane that you ended up with version 11.05 and not the latest version 11.31??

How about starting over by deleting once again the X-Plane copy that you have on your cloned drive and then re-downloading the real 11.31 version, as this would negate having to update it again once you have downloaded it?

Failing that, you may end up having to send a bug report to LR, along with copies of both Log.txt files.

Sorry I can't more helpful :-(

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Sorry I can't more helpful :-(

Not at all.  I appreciate the suggestions.  One quick question, though.  When I go to the X-Plane site and download the demo, 11.05 is what I get.  Is there some URL where that's not the case?

Thanks again.

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Solved the problem.  I use Acronis 2019 as a backup utility.  They've added a number of background "protection" routines.  When I ran a batch file to kill all the routines, the download proceeded normally.

Too much of a good thing.