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I loaded into KORD airport at the terminal (default scenery). During the day time I have an FPS of 50+. I switched to night time where the terminal flood lights turn on (the orange lights illuminating the ground) drops my FPS to around 22 FPS. My specs are a GTX 1080 8gb, i5 9600K and 16gb RAM 1080p 144hz monitor, So I know it is not my system causing it. I asked a friend to test it as well with same specs that I have and he got no fps drop at KORD at the terminal. My settings are as followed

Visual Effects - "High (HDR)"

Texture Quality - "High"

Antialiasing - "4x SSAA+FXAA"

If I go to another major default airport such as KLAX, I have no FPS drops at night.

If any other information needed please ask.

Thank you for any input provided :)

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