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Recently, with an unknown causation to me, X-Plane's picture will freeze after clicking away from the simulator after about a minute. The sounds and simulation will continue and the window will not say "(Not Responding)." I can tell from the sound that the simulation still works because if I pull the yoke up or decrease the throttle I can hear a sound difference in the simulator, however the picture remains frozen. Also, I know I am still moving because while connected to the VATSIM network, my aircraft still moves and doesn't freeze. I've tried using different aircraft, disabling plugins, etc., but the same issue persists. Here is a video:

I'm using the Zibo mod 737 in this video on the VATSIM network, in which I had to abruptly disconnect due to this issue. About halfway through the video I choose the chase view toggle switch on my joystick, in which you can hear the sounds change, which leads me to believe the simulator hasn't crashed. You can see my frantically moving my mouse while holding down the right click button, but no change in picture becomes noticeable in the video.

I can wait for a while but the picture will still remain the same.

My specs are:

Intel i7 @2.60GHz



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