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I'm looking to purchase X-Plane 11, and wanted to know whether it was compatible with the R22 plug-in from dream foil creations? And if the Puma model hardware was compatible?

Many Thanks,


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Hi  Phoebe

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK, but if you click on the following link to LR's website, you will see that the Robinson R22 Beta II by DreamFoil (if this is what you are referring to?) is available for X-Plane 10.20 or higher:-

As far as the 'Puma model hardware' is concerned, I'm not entirely certain whether you are referring to another aircraft addon i.e. a Puma helicopter, or possibly the Pro Flight Trainer PUMA helicopter flying control hardware?

If it is the latter, then the following link may be useful:- which states that X-Plane does support this equipment.

I've also looked at X-Plane 11's file structure and there does appear to be a configuration file for the Pro Flight Trainer shown below:-

Hope this helps?




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Thats super helpful thank you. I was referring to the Pro Flight trainer. I'm going to have gaps in flying and wanted to try and keep the rust off my flying by using a simulator. I've heard good things about the Puma, but wanted to primarily use it for R22 flying. Thanks
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Hi Pheobe

Glad to be of some help, happy trails going forward :-)

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Thanks in advance

Kind regards Paul
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Hi Paul,

I've just gone to buy X-Plane 11 and the R22 Plug-in, however on this website, it says it isn't compatible with version 11, only 10. It's the same Plug-in isn't it?

Any ideas?

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Oh that's annoying, as on LR's own website, it just states X-Plane 10.20 or higher, no mention of it not being compatible with X-Plane 11???

I have however found quite a number of YouTube videos showing the Robinson R22 Beta being used in X-Plane 11

Hope this helps?

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Very helpful,

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Hi Paul,

Just received a reply to my question from X-Plane, (who have assumed I am male). 

Hello Mr. Fraser,
unfortunately the R22 DreamFoil is only working with X-Plane 10.
Sorry for that.

With friendly greetings, Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Heinz Flichtbeil
Aerosoft Customer Support - X-Plane 10/11

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Hi Phoebe

I suppose if that's Aerosoft's official position, then fair enough, but as you will see from the following URL links, other simmers are definitely using the Robinson R44 in X-Plane 11??

Kind regards

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The PUMA flight control hardware (bought April 2019) works very well with X9 &X10 on my 2014 MacMini using one USB port.  All the control pushbuttons on the cyclic and collective work and there is the left toggle switch on the collective which selects three sets of button mapping to be chosen as you like.  The throttle works but I know of no X-Plane helicopter that will use the throttle. Just don't forget to identify the axis and calibrate before using.
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Hi Phoebe,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from downunder.

The only comments I will make as an addition to Paul's comment is the hardware has to be installed through X-Plane.  No other way despite what the manufacturer may claim.  Not even through your operating system.  X-Plane is a different style of Flight simulator as compared to other shoot-em-up games or flight simulation packages.  

Paul has indicated that your unit is part of the X-Plane hardware suite of units.  When you connect the unit
and then start X-Plane and then go to settings (top of screen) and select the best option shown for your unit to configure the unit.  What you need to ensure is you do not assign two or more tasks to the same button or two or more buttons to the same task.  Very easy to do.

It may also be prudent to contact Dreamfoil direct to ascertain if the Robinson R22 helicopter has been updated to work with XP11.  Where there is a reference that it will work with versions later than 10.22  it only refers up to XP10.52 which is the last version for XP10.  

If the answer is no from Dreamfoil and you have not made any other arrangements for the R22 then there is another possibility of loading the file(s) into Planemaker (supplied with XP11) and then save the file as a XP11 version file.  This has been known to work with some aircraft.  

Hope this also helps as well.

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I have the steam edition of XP 11 fully upto date and have the Dreamfoil R22 and the Puma flight control. All work perfectly well together. As for the Puma, it has to be calibrated under windows joysticks first and then re-calibrated under XP 11 controller settings. As for getting a real feel for the R22, you will need to configure the sensitivity on the controller to 100% for everything and about 7 - 8% stability ( I worked that out whilst flying the real thing for 20 hours). For the best experience I would highly recommend VR.