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OK guys that have this issue.  I didn't think I saw this issue in the Beta version of 11.3 and tonight I proved that correct.

I ran the BEta version of 11.30 (ignored the recent update) and it is as smooth and as fast as ever even with the sliders almost maxed.  I know I cannot go max on all but thats good enough for me.

So I flew the Beta for a while tonight because it was working so well.

Back to the release version and Bam....Chug chug chug with all the sliders at minimum.  The final realease is broken from what I can tell.  There must be a fix because the Beta version works perfectly.
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I am not sure it is just a frame rate issue at all actually.  While the frame rates in the release version are sitting around 9 and not remotely smooth, when I go to the Beta version I am only seeing 15-20 FPS but it is very smooth and keeps up to real time.

The fact that the BEta works fine and the final release is bad leads to something changing just before the final release.  I mean these versions are only days apart.

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Hi BradGillies

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK, but suffice to say that quite a few people have similar issues to you own experiences of low fps. In fact such reports go way back to X-Plane 10 and probably beyond?

Personally however, I've not had the same experiences with the latest 11.31 release, for when I fly over system hungry scenery such as True Earth South, I'm constantly achieving anywhere between 35 & 42 fps. I do suffer from occasional, but very brief drops in fps, although I have always put this down to my PC trying to run other functions in the background, not related to X-Plane 11 itself.

I'm constantly amazed therefore why some people suffer low fps and other don't? It must just be down to all of the various hardware configurations and addons/plugins out there, over and above that supplied with X-Plane 11?

It might be worth submitting a bug report to LR though, just in case?