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So first off I know there are already few posts that say things along this line, but this time it's an official release that came off a couple days ago. I use Steam Edition if that makes any difference. 

Let's get this straight: I have much worse FPS in 11.30. Although some reported better fps, mine is the opposite. I've lost anywhere from 10 to 30fps from the original fps I had from version 11.26. The end result is uncomfortably low fps, dipping well below the 20fps mark, and unflyable in general.

I don't exactly know why or where is the cause. I have tried removing all the add-ons from the sim, and while it does give me a few extra FPS, it's not that much to make a difference. I've tried a fresh install- "uninstall" + deleting all the files under ....\steamapps\common\X-Plane 11\ manually. Still didn't change anything. Then I discovered this:

Built-in FPS counter

As you can see the CPU time is abnormally long. The long CPU time meant I probably had one of the CPU sliders too high... but I set my settings exactly the same as to when it was 11.26, and... still like that. I've asked people around me to see if there's a similar problem with me and I found one guy who also said their CPU times had double or even tripled at times. 

I don't know the exact cause, but something is hogging up the CPU in 11.30. If anyone knows how to fix this aside from deleting shadercache or fresh install (which I've already tried) please tell me, since I'd love to fly in X-Plane again.

Specs: i5-3470, 8gb ddr3, GTX 1050Ti | OS: Win7 | XP11.30 Steam Edition

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Same issue here only I am using my digital download.  I just completed the update and changed NOTHING and now its unusable.  

Turned everything to the minimum and still unflyable.

This is a downgrade not an upgrade.  How do I roll back to 11.26?
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Brad, we are unable to revert to 11.26 although I REALLY want to. As I posted a couple days ago, same problem here, WolfAir. Thank you for reiterating that no matter how the sliders move, the FPS is terrible. It's certainly something within the update - Completely unflyable in 11.30 at this point. It's a real shame.

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