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If I select EDDV (X-Plane Version 11.32), I will get the following information

Before (11.30) there was the information "3D" under "Ausstattung" and not "Hubschrauberlandeplatz (Helicopter field)". So Yo are now a little bit confused, do You chose the airport what You want, ore not. After selection You will start at the original 3D EDDV Airport.

Is it a bug?

Best regards,


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Hi again Horst

I have X-Plane 11.32 and when I select EDDV Hannover, it states '3D'?? Please see photo below.

When I select EGLL Heathrow however, it states 'helipad', but I guess this just means that a helipad is a 'feature' of Heathrow Airport, nothing more.


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Hi Greengolfer15,

thanks a lot for the quick answer. I see at EGLL also helipad, but not at EDDV. May be that this is different between Englis/German Version. But anyway I can start at EDDV as well.. Perhaps Laminar shall have a look, that there is something with the databases.

It´s stops not flying smiley.

Best regards from my home base EDVY,


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Thanks Horst, Happy Flying :-)

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