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I am a student pilot and really appreciate X-Plane, which is very helpful to practice for my PPL.

Meanwhile, it seems that left turning tendency doesn't exist in the simulator, so that I would like to add it more for real practice. :)

Is it possible to add more left turning tendency?

(For example, in the case of Flight simulator X, there is an option to control the amount of left turning tendency)


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Hi sol1406.

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

Seems to me that you have a configuration problem.

You haven't indicated whether your problem is on the ground or in the air.  

You haven't indicated what hardware you are using. Just because hardware works with other "shoot-em-up" software or flight sim packages does not guarantee it will work in X-Plane.  The hardware has to be configured in X-Plane.

Have a look at the answer I provided in the following link at  The first part deals with instruments and the second part deals with hardware.  Consider the message.

If you have configured your hardware, irrespective of the brand, through X-Plane then you most likely have configured the left turn assignment to another button or switch.  You need to start the configuration process all over again for that hardware item.

Good luck