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I have developed my own Air Manager instrument panel on a separate touch screen monitor.  I am using 3 other monitors for external scenery.  How do I hide the standard X-Plane C172 instrument panel, but still continue to show the cockpit elements (pillars, seats, windows, wings, etc.) and the prop in front?  Also, I am using popouts for the G530/430 in my Air Manager panel, so I want to make sure I can still use those even though the standard C172 panel is hidden.

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Hi ChipDeMoss,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer also about to run my system which is basically the same as yours.

I cannot get to my system to confirm this answer so try keybord keys "Ctrl W" so that you get the out of cockpit view.

To solve your other problems have a look at the following link from Russ Barlow.  Russ has  been and currently is working with the AirManager developers to create a better sytstem.. The link is https://www.youtube.com/user/srbarlow/videos

Good luck


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Thanks Glenn.  Here is a link to another YouTube video that addresses the same situation and provides a relatively easy fix.

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Thank you for the reference regarding Michael Brown.

I am aware of all of his videos.  They provide good references to fix problems.  I quite often use several links to help others in this forum to solve specific problems.  The main reference I am currently using relates to configuration of hardware.


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