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I have a Logitech throttle quadrant and a Saitek TPM Cessna style unit. I cannot figure out how to get only the Logitech throttle quadrant to work.

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Hi rivers12,

I am not from or with Laminar Research or XForcePC; just a flight simmer from downunder.

Having read your question suggests to me that you have been caught by the hardware installation disease.  Especially with your logitech hardware.  Logitech products do not work in X-Plane unless installed correctly.

All hardware to be used has to be installed through X-Plane.  Just because your hardware may work through other "shoot-em-up" or flight sim packages using the software provided with the hardware item doesn't mean it will with X-Plane.

There is no other way.  Not through your operating system or using the software supplied with the product.

Take the following steps. If you systematically and methodically follow these steps it will work.  Others in this forum have followed the advice.

1.  Find all of your Saitek/Logitech software and go and dump it in the bin.  Better still dig a hole in the ground and bury it.  There will be no further use for it.  Don't contemplate downloading software from their site.

2.  Using a good quality software/file removal package delete all logitech files from your system.  The deletion process should include any items that do work.  There should be no traces of the software on your system.

3.  Don't attempt to do the installation through your operating system.  It won't work.

4.  Now here comes the tedious part.  Have a look at the following link from Michael Brown at XForcePC in the USA.  Michael's business specialises in building PCs predominantly for X-Plane.   Laminar Research recommends this business as the only PC supplier in the USA for X-Plane users.  The link can be found at

5.  Review the video several times to understand the message.  Disregard the item being calibrated.  I can't stress enough you need to understand the message or process before you start. 

6.  When you are of the opinion that you understand the process connect one of your hardware items and follow the process outlined in Michael's video..

7.  Repeat the process for your next hardware item.  

8.  Run your system when you have installed your hardware, including any other hardware brands as well.

9.  You need to ensure you don't allocate two or more levers or buttons to the same assignment or two or more assignments to the same button or lever.

If you use a methodical approach it will work.

AS a side issue are you using or intend to use Logitech Instrument panels as well?  If so read the following link found at  Again another Saitek product that does not work directly with X-Plane.

Good luck.