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I have X-Plane 11.30, Windows PC, Windows 10

Within X-PLane I saved a new FDR file.

I opened this file in Notepad, made changes to the date, time, location, aircraft, and then copied and pasted (from another notepad file) all my flight data. Saved the file and then tried loading this file within X-Plane. It takes me to an aircraft carrier, and not to my chosen location (Cambridge, Tasmania, Australia). It does put me in the right aircraft. There is a bar at the top but it plays nothing?

The FDR support material does not seem adequate.

I prepared my data from multiple sources into a Excel spreadsheet, and saved it as a CSV file. Then opened this in Notepad.

Where can I find more information about the FDR file format?
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Why did you change the location?
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I changed the location to match the airport that the FDR file relates to.

The problem is that instead of placing me at my chosen location as specified in the FDR file, it takes me to an aircraft carrier.

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