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How do I get the VR cockpit yoke and pedals working together with my Oculus controller? When I first started X-plane, the controller attached to the yoke and I had controlled, coordinated turns. But since I connected (then disconnected) my real world Saitek Yoke and Pedals, I can't go back to coordinated turns without them, using just the Oculus controller attached to the VR yoke in the cockpit.

I found that I like using the left Rift controller, but in the Aeroflite 103 ultralight, I can't get the ultralight to turn while taxiing. The rift controller is attached to the cockpit yoke and the flight surfaces react to it, but not the VR nose wheel or VR rudders.

Isnt' there a selection to have the rudder and yoke coordinated for people who don't use real world rudders?

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