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We have developed an airplane model using X-P v10. If we move to X-P v11 are there any incompatibilities between the X-P versions that will require us to modify/re-write our airplane model?

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HI Maduke,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from downunder.

X-Plane 10 and X-Plane 11 are totally different packages.  They don't mix and match.  To move from XP10 to XP11 you have to purchase the new product.  Both versions can be run on the same PC on the same disc drive without any problems.

There are virtually no capabilities of running aircraft from XP10 on XP11 especially commercially purchased packages unless they have been upgraded for XP11 use.

I am of the opinion you will need to modify your existing aircraft although I have read of instances where an XP10 version created in Plane Maker has been loaded into the XP11 version, saved as XP11 and then was capable of running in XP11.  No harm in trying.

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Thx Glenn. Tailwinds.
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Glen.Maduke, V10 A/C CAN be flow in V11 but you must load them into PlaneMaker and then save it as a V11 A/C.  There are some incompatibilities that can be easy or hard to remedy; the worst one is the cockpit.
In one A/C I had to delete the whole dash to get the system to stop telling me I had a GPS compatibility issues, even after I had deleted same. On a PC you hit control-A to select all items, the hit the scissor icon. I found it best to start over with the 3D dash.

The 'copy a dash from another (V11) A/C' is also problematic during my updates to V11. Not sure why.

While V11 is conceivably a much better platform there are many things I find irritating that were simple in V-10. This A/C updating is just one of them and should have been simplified by the programmers before releasing this iteration.