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New user here ... installed X-Plane 11, allowed it to select the drive it wanted (the Desktop), and it looks like the Desktop is actually located on the wretched OneDrive.  

OneDrive is telling me that I need to get more space (naturally), and I notice that each folder has a red x next to it, apparently signifying some kind of problem (likely inadequate space).

So I don't think I wanted this thing installed on the cloud, but that is apparently what happened. What do I need to do - create a new folder on the C: drive? Do I need to remove and reinstall?

Not a tech person by any stretch, so could use some help here. Have not tried to run X-Plane yet.


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Hi Jabara

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK, but presumably you are trying to install X-Plane 11 on a standard PC or laptop?

If you are, then your PC will already have a local C:Drive and Desktop within that, so I'm not entirely sure why X-Plane tried to install itself on OneDrive, unless you have set it up that way?

Anyway, assuming you have a standard PC/laptop with a Windows operating system, you should be able to select which drive you wish X-Plane 11 to be installed on, otherwise try uninstalling OneDrive first and then try re-installing X-Plane 11 again.

Any problems, please re-post an update?


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