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Dear x-plane team,

when do you react on the user demands and support the Blackmagic eGPU on MacOS Mojave with x-plane 11?

There are a lot of users who would love to use this kind of setup (or a general eGPU support with macOS)!

Thank you
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I'm also waiting for the eGPU support on macOS by X-Plane to be added, to buy an eGPU.
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Seems to be unimportant for the x-plane developer.
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Greetings! Just set up an eGPU to be able to run x-plane 11 at a reasonable frame rate on my 2018 Mac mini. Is the eGPU not supported on x-plane 11? I can't get x-plane to open with the eGPU turned on.

Running OSX 10.14.5

Sonnet breakaway box with Radeon Pro WX9100--all supported by Mac

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