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Is there any plan to improve the weather system to generate thermals in association with clouds?

It would be much more satisfying to seek thermals out based on the presence of cumulus clouds, or based on the likely trigger points on the ground.

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Hi Alien147,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from downunder.

It would be more prudent to send an email direct to Laminar at i[email protected] setting out in greater detail your proposal in further development of X-Plane.  This forum is basically for problems in running X-Plane in its current version.

Good luck.


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Ah, ok...I thought this was a forum for general q’s too. I’ll send an email directly instead.

Thanks for your feedback Glenn :)
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I looked into this as well a while ago. The thermals are indeed pretty random and thus not much fun. However, you can have some fun doing ridge soaring. If you set the wind right, you get some nice lift near mountains.

Active Sky claims to replace thermals but I haven't found any reviews commenting on this.