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New aircraft download on xplane 11 won't fly pop-up states " air foil file not found"  then gives list of file, then states   " Get that file in place if you want to fly"    I am not a computer programmer and can't find what to do next can anybody help me through the actions needed.

Hopefully... Al

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Hi Al

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK, but could you please advise which aircraft you are referring to, when this missing airfoil message appears?

Also is the aircraft from X-Plane or a 3rd party addon and if so, which one?

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            Thank you for responding, the plane is

                                A Just flight Dutchess model 76 from Xplane.org.

        Regards Al.
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Hi Al

Thanks for the info and whilst I do not have this particular aircraft in my copy of X-Plane 11, please have a look in your aircraft folder to see if there is also an Airfoil subfolder?

If there is, have a look in the Airfoil subfolder to see if there are a bunch of xxxxxx.afl files, similar to the photograph below?


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