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I am trying to re-install X-plane after resetting my PC and it keeps on failing to install. It fails on the first disk. It says "Do you want to Cancel your Installation?" Even though I didn't click anything. If I click to continue the Install button it just back to t he same prompt.

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Hi besupernow,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from downunder.

Some questions never get answered.  At present there are 42 pages of unanswered questions in this forum dating back to when the forum started.

Generally questions generate a response depending who is awake at the time of looking at the forum and reading your question.

In your situation are you logged into your PC as the Administrator?  Have you disabled your antivirus and malware software?

In trying to reinstall X-Plane have you ensured ALL previous remnants of X-Plane have been removed using a good quality file removal software package?


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I had the same issue.  Updating my graphics card driver solved it.

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