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Hi there,

Is there anything I can do to speed up the download of your digital version of x-plane 10? I am in Australia and am only getting 350 kb/s (Max) from your CDN ( At this rate the download will finish in about 6hrs when it would usually take about and hour and a half on my connection. I usually get 1600kb/s.
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Same here. Trying to install X-Plane 10 to compare it with 11. 15 minutes later, still can't even connect to the cdn!

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Hi Mooseh,

It looks like all Australian speeds from our CDN are slower than average. Unfortunately there is only 1 server in Australia.
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Sorry, but this just isn't acceptable. It's like being on dialup. We've paid for this game, and it'd be nice to be able to download it in a reasonable timeframe. I have a 100mbit/sec connection (just ran a speed test, and was getting 70mbit/sec).