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I have mac book air (late 2014) and i have a dvd version of xplane 11 but since i have no dvd drive, is there any other way to activate x-plane.. I also have the iso of dvd 1 which i made from my friend's windows computer...please helpI do not want to buy a dvd drive so please suggest a solution. 

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Hi Capsid,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from downunder.

Having found the specifications of your Mac at the following link   I am of the opinion your system is not capable of running X-Plane 11.  Because X-Plane is resource hungry and generates heat in the CPU and GPU your system requires good internal cooling

However check for yourself the minimum specifications and recommended specifications  from the X-Plane site found at  As suggested download the demo version first and try.

What ever your system is you need a dedicated graphics card.  An integrated card with the motherboard will not work as the software is resource hungry in the CPU and GPU.  For best effect X-Plane is designed to run with a screen configuration of 1920 x 1080.  Does your system meet this requirement.  If you have a 13 inch screen then you will experience difficulties with screen image unless you attach a larger screen.

On the basis you are of the opinion that your system will work you have two options:-

     1. Purchase a portable dvd drive that you can connect to your Mac via a USB connection.  This is the advice given by Laminar Research, in earlier postings in this forum, to others with Mac or Windows systems that do not have a DVD drive;  or as an alternative 

     2.  You could use your friends Windows PC with the DVD drive and load X-Plane onto his machine into a dedicated directory and then copy onto a USB drive and then past onto your machine.  However this will not work as the installation will be configured for a windows machine and your is a Mac.

     3.  On the basis you can find another mate with a Mac with DVD drives then perform the installation as suggested in alternative 2 above as you will perform an installation for a MAC system. What you need to be aware of is the operating system versions between both MACS.  If you are successful then go back to your mate in alternative 2 and create an ISO substitute for disc 1 onto a USB  instead of the DVD.

I will send you a private message seeking info on how you created the ISO disc.

Good luck with your installation