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When i set my flight simulator yoke up and click start flight the headshake plugin is not working

Any ideas i should try?

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Hi Marco,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from downunder.

Although I don't use it I am surprised that Headshake has an impact on your yoke.  Have you set up the software as mentioned in the bottom right hand corner of the page in the following link found at

How have you installed your yoke?  It has to be installed through X-Plane.  There is no other way particularly with Saitek/logitech hardware.  Don't even try the installation through your PC operating system 

On the basis you have not done so using X-Plane, you need to carry out a full and detailed deletion of the Logitech software  using a good reliable file removal software package.  When done find the software discs and dig a hole and bury them never to be seen again.  If the software was downloaded perform a complete removal/deletion as well from your PC.

Now, before you do anything else have a look at the following video from Michael Brown at XForcePC on how to install the yoke.  The link can be found at  You need to view the video several times to understand the process.

If the process is followed for the yoke installation you should not have any problems with the use of the yoke. 

Good luck.


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I had this issue too when i first got the yoke, its quite easy to fix there is a little button on the back of the yoke that you can turn to either the left or the right but in order to get headshake to work you need to have it in the center the button is located right here.