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My son thought he’d made a purchase of  multiple planes for your iPad version of X-Plane 10. However all he can see is the ‘buying’ but nothing further happens. Please help. PS he’s buying it with his iTunes vouchers so there is money to make the purchase.

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We are having the same exact issue.  My son is tied into our family account and asked for approval to activate the Sikorsky, I approved, and the same ‘buying’ screen remains.  We deleted and reinstalled and tried Restore Purchases and same issue remains.

Will now contact them directly as suggested above.

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Hi Daniel,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from downunder.

You need to contact Laminar Research direct with your purchase problem at info@x-plane.com as this forum is only for problems with the software.

However, having given you the above advice be aware that Laminar does not sell 3rd party add-on aircraft.  They only sell the x-plane software.  You may need to contact the Apple store or the site you are trying to purchase from as an alternative.

 Good luck.


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