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This issue happens on ALL airports with parallel runways, where the FMC cannot display the last letter, so for this example, lets use KMEM which has 3 parallel runways, 18L, 18C and 18R, as you can see on the attached video, there is no way possible to correctly select the right runway on the FMC, seems the FMC needs an extra digit, or the spaces in the naming need to be deleted to allow for more letters... I have checked the Navdata for KMEM and the RNAV APPR naming is not done with long names, so that is not where the problem originates...
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I don't understand: Don't you select the runway via Departure or Approach? Like BLUZZ1.18L?

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What don't you understand? Did you tried selecting an RNAV for an airport that has Parallels runways? As of now for RNAV approaches, you cannot tell if you are selecting for runway L, R or C (in the case of KMEM) Did you watch the video? This is for Approach, not Departures...
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I would have to agree with PilotoVirtual57 on that one sir.

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