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Hi, I'm thinking to buy an addon from the x-plane store soon but there are two things I want to know:

1. In the store it asks for a zip code. What is it and where can I find the zip code on my card?

2. The fact that everything in the store is in US dollars $ and I have a UK pound £ card, will there be any extra charges apart from purchasing the addon with a UK card?

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Hi miguelmcf01,

I am not with or associated with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from downunder.

Unfortunately you are on the wrong website operated by Laminar Research at X-Plane.com..  They do not sell 3rd party add-ons.  This site only deals with problems associated with the installation and running of the X-Plane software.

The site you are seeking information from regarding intended purchases is the X-Plane store but their site is at X-Plane.org.  Although this site is a dedicated site for X-Plane users only there is no connection with or association with Laminar Research.

Firstly to be able to purchase from this site you need to register and then login to make the purchase.  Secondly having previously purchased from the X-Plane.org store myself I know the answers to your 2 questions but you need to make direct contact with them as you are currently asking your question in the wrong forum.  You need to make direct contact with X-Plane.org at sales@x-plane.org to solve your problem/questions

Good luck.


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