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Hi. I just bought x plane 11 disk version. I was installing the game and my computer's disk drive made scratch to disk 2. Now installing stops to " Global Scenery/Earth nav data/+00+100/+03+101.dsf ". So can I download contents and files what are in disk 2 from internet?

Sorry for my english its mnot my native language.
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I have a similar issue with Disc 3 of my DVD distro.  In my case, the disc came scratched and isn't recognized by my computer.  The retailer requested that a replacement disc be sent to me, but I was hoping I could bypass the issue by performing a minimal installation from disc, then loading scenery digitally (especially since updates occur online anyway, scenery files included).

My son (and I!) are eager to get started; his birthday is now almost a week past...

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I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from downunder.

Firstly. to run the disc version of X-Plane you have to have disc 1 in your dvd drive at all times.  Unlike X-Plane 10 there is no substitute USB dongle which can be used instead of disc 1.

Having stated the above, if your dvd drive damaged disc 2 then you need to give the drive a detailed thorough clean or alternatively replace the drive altogether.  If you dont then you risk damage to disc 1.

The short answer regarding the download of disc 2 contents only is NO.   Laminar Research can replace the damaged disc for a small fee.  You need to make contact through info@x-plane.com

What you may chose to try is download the digital demo version.  When you start X-plane you will be asked if you have a product key.  Answer NO.  You should then be asked if you have a disc version .  Respond YES.  Then follow the screen instructions and remember to have disc 1 in the dvd drive at all times.  X-Plane should then open and run as the full version including what is supposedly on disc 2 and all other DVDs.

Good luck


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