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I have a Product Key for my copy of this s/w, I just want to reinstall it.

The s/w opens fine, it's just after I start the plane down the runway, it doesn't take off, if veres off and then crashes.

I want to start with a fresh version.

Steve Venegoni

[email protected]

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Hi Steve,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from downunder.

Provided you are not using the steam version and wanting to reinstall the official and original version from Laminar Research then the process is quite simple.

Again on the basis you have installed the LR version on your desktop or a dedicated drive or into a dedicated directory then the process is simpler again.  

X-Plane installs into a standalone directory.

When the LR version of X-Plane installs it does not place files into various other directories like Microsoft Office does.  It is in a dedicated directory marked as C\\X-Plane/.... or   C\\desktop/X-Plane...  or C\\User/X-Plane\..... or E\\X-Plane    Once you have found the directory then simply delete the directory as you would any other file or directory from your hard disc.  When completed reinstall the software you did in the first instance.

As a side issue, are you wanting to reinstall because of the "take-off" problem?  What controllers and other hardware are you using?  It could be a configuration problem instead of a software problem?

Good luck

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You can delete (or move) the entire preferences folder (X-Plane 11\Output\preferences).