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Can I have x-plane on C-drive and extra scenery and planes on E-drive and have it run the extra stuff from the E-drive.

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Hi jsned1,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from downunder.

X-Plane 10 or X-Plane 11 is unlike any other shoot-em-up games or flight sim packages whereby their files are spread over a particular location and through your operating system files.

X-Plane 11 has been designed so that it installs into a dedicated directory either on the desktop, your C:\... drive or a dedicated directory of your choice.

Having said all of the above, you will be splitting your files and I am of the opinion it won't work at all.  The files will not be in the one directory as X-Plane is designed.  This is one of the benefits of X-Plane as you can very quickly move the "whole x-plane directory" from one computer to another without having to perform a reinstall process. .

My system is  designed and set up so that I have my SSD  C:\... drive, of smallest capacity (125 Gb), setup for my operating system and other necessary files, another dedicated SSD drive just for X-Plane 10 (250 Gb), another SSD drive for X-Plane 11 (500Gb) and a 2TB Hard drive as my Hangar drive with all of my X-Plane drives and other stuff backed up in the event of a crash.

Laminar Research recommends X-Plane be installed on the desktop.  However you are not compelled to do so.  The recommendation is there so that some flight simmers have an easy access to the X-Plane directory instead of trying to find out where the files are installed.  Serious flight simmers diverge away from the LR recommendation and install onto a dedicated drive.

In asking your question you hinted that your E:\ drive is sufficient capacity to enable X-Plane to be installed on that drive.  The files you plan to place on the E:\ drive already consume the greatest capacity of your X-Plane installation.

I would suggest the following:-

1.  Install your operating system and other necessary files on your C:\ drive; and

2.  Install X-Plane onto your E;\ drive.  If you already have files on that drive make sure you have a dedicated directory just for X-Plane.

In short, what I am saying is don't split your X-Plane files away from the standalone X-Plane directory.  If not convinced of my advice then try your proposal.  Make sure you have a good backup strategy.

Good luck

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Glenn thanks for the reply. I didn't think it would work but I didn't want to have to down load it again. I have a 2 TB Hard drive with just about nothing in it (New Computer) so I guess I'll delete this one and redownload to that one. Once again thank for your help.

  Have a good day.

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Have you already saved the download?  If so the just install the download onto your new PC.

Also, as an alternative, copy your existing installation onto a USB drive of sufficient capacity and then paste the USB  X-Plane files onto your new  2TB drive.

When operational make sure you backup your installation in the event you have a crash of the    X-Plane drive.

Good luck