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I fly my 2 hour flight from KLAX to KSFO. No Biggy but the ATC person in charge told me to descent to 5000 from FL320... a little late. My FMC told me to descent to FL120 when I past a waypoint way back. When I started descending using VNAV, autopilot made the plane nose dive until it got to its right slope. (Maybe I used LVL CHG) I don’t remember. Is it “legal” to ask for descent when my FMC tells me to? This is all on VATSIM. This is in a 737 and IFR flight to KSFO from KLAX.



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As the Pilot In Command, you’re responsible for flying a safe descent profile.  It is certainly “legal” to ask for descent.

Sometimes, the VATSIM controller, for whatever reason, may not issue you a descent clearance in time.  When that happens, if I’ve previously been assigned a cruising altitude, I would ask the controller for a descent.  If I’ve been flying an “As Filed” flight plan, I would go ahead to follow the STAR altitude, and inform the controller of my action.