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Hello my Problem is that my  2nd DVD is broken and cant be read from my PC. Has anybody a Idea what I have to do ?

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Hi Mcd400,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from downunder.

There was a problem a few days back where somebody was seeking a replacement disc 1 as his dog ate it.

Firstly what needs to be established is the DVD version.

Is it a steam version?  If so, you need to raise your problem with Steam as this site deals with problems associated with the official versions of X-Plane developed by Laminar Research.  A steam version is a 3rd party stand alone hybrid (modified) version of X-Plane and it has no association with Laminar Research. 

Do you have an Aerosoft DVD version of X-Plane?  Aerosoft is licenced by Laminar Research to sell X-Plane in the South Pacific and in Europe as an official and legal copy.  If so, you need to contact Aerosoft with your problem as they created the dvd set.

Do you have a DVD set purchased directly from Laminar Research in the USA?  If so, you need to make direct contact with Laminar starting with info@x-plane.com  When doing so, you need to fully explain your problem and also include date of purchase and receipt/invoice numbers.  From my readings on their website replacement discs are available.  Unless you can convince that you have not created the problem there will be a charge for a replacement. 


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