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The power supply actually blows up with a loud bang and has to be replaced. The second time, it blew up while X-plane 10 was booting, with no graphics on the screen yet!

My Z440 has an 8-core i7, with 32Gb of RAM and a Quadro M2000 Graphics card and a 700W power Supply.

What am I missing here? If this happens with X-Plane10 what is to be expected with X-Plane 11??

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Hi pilootje

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK.

As I am also a qualified computer technician who builds his own desktops, I would have to say that power supply units do not normally fail in the way reported through the simple use of software, any software!

I ran X-Plane 11 with a 650W PSU for a long time and had no such problems whatsoever.

I would venture to suggest that there must be a fault with the internal 12v side of the PC (short circuit etc.)  or an external power supply problem and would therefore start any investigation there first, before worrying about software.

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Greengolfer is right.  Software just can’t be responsible for “blowing up” PSUs.  While X-Plane is surely capable of pushing both the CPU and GPU to their maximum power consumption, a 700W PSU is plenty adequate.

In the early days of XP11, I had a cheap 400W PSU.  Whenever the GPU power loading went beyond 80%, it would trip the PSU.  The PSU abruptly shut the system down, but it could always be powered back up.

When power supplies keep getting “blown up”, I tend to suspect shorts—on, under and around the motherboard and case.