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I select the aircraft that I want to fly, the airport, etc.. Then I am ready to fly, so I click start new flight, it begins to load, the blue bar on the bottom of the screen starts to go across, and then it just goes to my desktop and gives me a little box with a crash report. The box does not list any info about the crash, however it says that it "sent an automatically generated report letting us know so we can help fix the problem."

I hope to hear from you soon.



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Hi Carl,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from downunder.

The message you received in the box is advising the log.txt file has been created.  It is created every time you crash your flight or you officially shut down.  The file tells a lot of stories about your system setup.

Provided you have a Laminar Research original official version of X-Plane then please attach your log.txt file for others to view who have a greater knowledge base than me.  To attach the file follow the directions given in the following link found at

If you are running a steam version then your are in the wrong forum.  You need to go to a steam forum.  Steam is a 3rd party hybrid version that has been modified by others to take a commercial advantage of the development work carried out Laminar.  Steam installs differently to the Laminar version.  Either version cannot be integrated into the other.  There is no commercial link by either party.

I don't support steam