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Yesterday I decided to refresh my PC, because it was low space on my HDD and SSD. After install all updates and drivers I downloaded X-Plane 11 from steam. It was this same graphic settings like before reinstall but now there is very low fps. I set all settings to low and it was ok (about 30fps - still not good). I set only graphic to high and game was not playable (6,7 fps) and it show 5266 MB of textures currently loaded but before I had less than 2000MB or 1500MB. I don't see any programs in task manager which can steal fps. Also I don't have any viruses because it's fresh, legally system. Screenshot of my settings: https://imgur.com/a/oasx4HD

And a log.txt

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Hi kondus2002

As I have advised in your previously asked question your need to take your problem to a steam forum.


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