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There are two popular types of axes: self-centering (where left is -1, center is 0 and right is +1) and more simple axes, where left is 0 and right is +1. Currently a few axes are being misinterpreted for me. I'm using xbox 360 controller with Linux. For analog sticks, if I select any of the flight control assignments (pitch, yaw, etc.) the axis works as a self-centering, but the moment I choose throttle, axis changes into a regular simple axis, which I can't use, since the throttle springs back to 50%. Under windows I use triggers (combined axis) as throttle and it works (one trigger decreases throttle, other increases), so I know it's possible to use throttle with a self-centering axis. Unfortunately I'm forced to use analog stick for that since the triggers are two separate axes under Linux, and there are no separate "decrease throttle" and "Increase throttle" analog assignments.

Is there a way to override the axis type?


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