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When configuring the Xbox 360 Wireless controller with X Plane 11, all of the axes are recognized in the calibration menu. However, the axis for the trigger buttons then cannot be assigned to any flight controls, it is not even listed under axes.

This axis would ideal for usage as the yaw/rudder, as it has a perfect zero point, unlike the XY controllers.


Is there any place where this can be configured as an active axis, or is this a beta limitation/bug?

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Are these triggers registering at all in X-Plane? You can check under the view drop down--see if there's an option for "other controls" or something like that. If X-Plane registers a button or axis that isn't mapped in the images, it will be listed there.
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Thanks, that did it. It never crossed my mind that there might be something useful hiding under 'views' :)

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