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I have been trying to use my wireless Xbox 360 controller for X-plane 11. Everything worked fine with pairing the remote with X plane 11. However, the sensitivity on the joystick is way to touchy. This makes flying not enjoyable because my hands will cramp from trying to barely hold the joystick so the plane will fly how i want it. I already tried adjusting all the sliders and the controls are still way to touchy. I read other questions close to this topic, but there was no fix or advice from X-plane 11. Other than one person suggesting the manual on how to set the controller, which I already read (and did not help). Please help as soon as possible.

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The only way within X-Plane to adjust the sensitivity of a joystick or device is to go into the joystick settings screen & click on the Control Sensitivity button. You can adjust control response and stability there. For an explanation of how these settings should work, see this section of the manual.

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