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When I start new flight G1000 still thinks I am on approach, even though I landed.  All my fuel is still gone all nav properties from the last flight still in the G1000.  I Just want to start fresh with a new flight.  Config 0 or neutral.  Is there a way?

 Maybe I need to PHONE ATC and cancel my IFR.. :-)

How do you just reset the aircraft NAv G1000 to no FPL and get out of the approach software loop?  Is there a switch/command for this?

Someone mentioned an INIT page.  I don't know where that is unless they were talking about configuration which only allows me to reset my airport and still loads the approach info from last flight. 

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Hi Coach_Miker

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK.

When you start a new flight with any aircraft installed with a Garmin FMS, the flight management system, in this case the Garmin G1000, will remember the operational flight plan (OFP) that was programmed into it during the previous flight.

To delete the previous flight plan from the G1000, please do the following:-

1. Click once on the Multi-Function Display (MFD) to make it larger and easier to read

2. Press the Flight Plan (FPL) button located on the right hand lower side of the MFD, just above the FMS rotary switch. This will open the Active Flight Plan window as per the following photo:-

3. Press the MENU button also located on the right hand lower side of the MFD, just above the FMS rotary switch. This will open the Page Menu window as per the photo below

4. Activate cursor (press centre of FMS rotary switch) and scroll down to Delete Flight Plan and then press the ENT button to clear the previous flight plan

5. Enter or import new flight plan as required

Hope this helps :-)