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Be Advised

SteamVR was unable to initialize:

HMD detected over USB, but Monitor not found(208)

Error code 208 (VRInitError Driver_HmdDisplayNotFound)

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Hi cewood927,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under.

You are 'advised' as follows.

When Laminar Research upgraded one of the early versions of XP11 it made provision to allow the use of VR headsets.  At that stage it was necessary to use a software package, as a plugin, called SteamVR.  After further upgrades it was no longer required to use this package for a limited number (2 or 3) of VR headsets.  What brands I don't know,  I understand that restriction still applies.for some headsets.

The good news first.  If you are running the official, genuine version of X-Plane 11 developed by Laminar Research then it may be prudent to check the following forum link for assistance as I have read answers in this forum advising of the best location to get VR problems solved. Although I have read the full 396 pages of problems in this forum I have never really seen an answer to a VR headset problem.   The link can be found at    You are currently in the Laminar Research ( forum which has no connection with 

Good luck in finding a solution if you are running the LR version of X-Plane.

Now the bad news.  If you are running a steam version of X-Plane then you are definately in the wrong forum.  This forum is for LR versions of X-Plane.  You need to seek a steam forum for a solution.

Steam XP is not the official version of LR X-Plane.  Although the steam version log.txt file indicates it is a LR version it definately is not. It is a 3rd party hybrid whereby the LR version has been modified to suit steam's needs.  Steam installs differently.  The steam version and the LR versions will not mix and match and installs differently.  There is no connection, whether it be commercial or physical, between either parties.  Steam version updates are always later (days later) than a LR version when officially released. 

I don't support the steam version of X-Plane because steam is taking a commercial advantage of the development work by Laminar Research (no compensation).