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On the last update it was easy to turn on the 737-800 but now I am on .35 and it seems to be a little more professional.  What I don't understand is this power thing.  For example I turn on the BAT and the sandby power and then turn on the APU then I turn on the hyd and electrical pumps then I turn off the ground power and all the screens turn off.  What is this all about?  What am I doing rong?
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It might help if I say what I did.  I first turned on the BAT switch then the sand by power and all the lights come on except for the screens in front of the pilot and the copilot.

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Brendon, Hi.
The 737 is a complex aircraft.
The Zibo Mod of the X-Plane 737 takes realism and accuracy to an even greater level.
This really isn't the place to learn how to fly the thing.
If you are on facebook, there are many groups that offer assistance. Zibo Community

To answer your question above, Power from the BATT is the standard state. Once you have power from either the GPU or APU, then you must select these on the Electrical BUS power panel. You have to tell the aircraft which power source to use. Once the engines are started you must then select the Engine GENerators 1 & 2 on the same panel........ I re-iterate - It's a complex aircraft
Good Luck