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does xplane 11 feature the transparent cockpit, like my version of  xplane 5 does?

this is a very short question ,why do you not accept it and answer it without me having to type in at least 100 characters ,,,,,,,,,, it seems like you avoid interactions with customers by doing this i have had x-Plane since version 5 arrived on the scene and now i would like to up grade and purchase a digital version but only if i am sure that i will be able to receive proper customer support without going through alot of hassle ,,,,,,,,,,, this seems like a lot of hassle to me to have to type this much data to answer such a short question such as ,,,," does x-plane version 11 provide the transparent cockpit like version 5 does " ,,,,,is this 100 characters yet?

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Hi rebecca,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under.

I see your problem as a development problem between a very early release of X-Plane and the current version.

Due to the format of your question you will not get an answer from anybody in this forum.  However I offer you advice to contact Laminar Research at [email protected]  to resolve your concerns about differences in versions.


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Rebecca, I don't know X-Plane 5 but, as a XP11 user, I imagine when you're talking about transparent cockpit you mean the hud cockpit. As far as I've seen, the only plane that has it is Zibo's mod. You can enable as you wish. On default aircrafts I haven't seen it. Maybe some payware planes have it too.

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Rebecca Hi
Shift + W gives forward view without panel
Best wishes
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