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Why is this not available for xbox and PlayStation? Like the rest of the world works .Rediculous!!!  I would buy ur product today if it was!  Instead. I will wait until u do or someone else has better product .good luck. And stop being having attitude about ur product!!!  It sucks if u can't make it platform Independent!!!!!!!!!!!

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I really don't see how Austin is giving attitude about his product... Plus I dont even think, because of how X Plane is made, would even come close to being compatible with Playstation or Xbox.

Your best bet is to get a Desktop. Or either wait for MS2020.
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yep your right.  or I will develop my own and crush them!

I cant stand lazy developers!  thats what our country has come to... take the easy/cheap way out!  no ingenuity.

I have been in software for 25 years and software design and architecture has gone down the tubes past ~15 years!!!

This product seems very well suited for xbox or playstation...if they did any user testing or consumer testing they might have figured this out.
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Oh cmon, Don't call Austin and his crew lazy! They have been working hard on making X plane more realistic! Maybe you can post it on the forums as a recommendation.
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I'm not saying he is not working hard.  Anyone can work hard.  I am talking about architecture and working smart.  I have hundreds of examples of corporate execs taking easy way out.  And people working hard, not smart.  Please don't comment on something you don't understand.  Something is missing in IT for many many years.  This is prime example!  And the level of incompetence in the software industry ...if you understand what platform independence is…you would understand what I am talking about.  Recent example is what happened to Boeing…they didn’t have proper people in place and people died!!!!!  That issue was precisely related to software implementation lifecycle

You don’t know what you talking about man. I have 25+ years in software design and development and IT project management.