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I'm using X-Plane 11.26 on windows 10 box with Microsoft Sidewinder joystick.  I've tried to recalibrate the joystick multiple times.  When is set to "full throttle" (either using sidewinder or mouse to push throttle up all the way), I'm still only able to get about 85% reading on the throttle.  From the feel of the airplane, it's also acting as though it's 85%.

Any ideas on how to address that?

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Hi! Thanks for your post - what Cirrus model are you referring to? Also - when you go into settings to configure this joystick, do you see full axis movement?
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Hi jkochans,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer.

How did you calibrate the joystick?  Try calibrating the joystick through X-Plane and not via any other 3rd party software or your operating system (windows).

Good luck.

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Thanks all for the response.  I'm using the vFlyte Cirrus SR20.  I have calibrated it using the XPlane calibration and it appears to show full axis movement.  Any ideas are welcome!