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I have tried repeatedly to update X-Plane to 11.35 and the installer runs fine, however it does not update. After I finish running the installer I go back and run again and it still shows 11.34.

Please advise,

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Hi mgateno,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under.

Unless Laminar Research has officially released XP11.35 for public use instead of Beta versions then it should be available immediately from Laminar.

If it is still in Beta version then unless you are an extremely experienced XP user don't even contemplate downloading the beta version.  The beta version is strictly a "testing for bugs" version in the real user environment instead of in the "lab".

What version of X-Plane are you running?  A steam version instead of the genuine official version of XP developed by Laminar Research?

Steam is a 3rd party hybrid modified version of the LR version taking a commercial advantage of the development work done by LR.  Steam does not work with the LR version .  Different products altogether.

If you are a steam user don't hold your breath for too long.  Steam only updates official releases when they chose and I understand they do not make Beta versions available.  Because you are continually getting XP11.34 when you attempt an update tells me you are running a steam version.

If you are running steam and in the future you have a problem then seek a steam forum.  You will most likely not get a response in this LR forum.  Because you have not indicated what version you are running you are lucky I have chosen to offer an opinion.