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I have reloaded x-plane almost every week for the last couple of months and although it is good to start, it eventually starts cycling starting and stopping every 5 to 10 seconds. I  am on Windows 10, use a GTX 970 and I have a i7-4790K processor and 16 GB RAM.  I have attached the log from my latest start in the hope you may find an answwer to my problem.  It is so frustrating to be spend a long time planning a flight and then have this starting/stopping start!!


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Hi icargill,

It sounds like it's trying to process too much and is overloaded. You have some custom scenery and plugins--does moving those folders to the desktop temporarily help the issue at all?

You might also review your rendering settings to make sure you aren't bottlenecked in the CPU. Tyler has a nice explanation on this question.

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Thanks for your suggestions and I have reviewed Tyler's explanation and will definitely check everything out this weekend and let you know how it works.

Again, thanks for your help and quick response.


Dave Cargill