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I downloaded a free scenery for SPJC (Lima, Peru), and when I installed it correctly (checked the scenery_packs.ini), and then loaded the location, it appeared the custom scenery floating over the default one. 


I have tried adding exclusions to the zone, or even deleting the Global Scenery file, but nothing worked.

I'm attaching pictures.


Thanks for the help!

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X-Plane 10.45 features exclusions by ICAO code. If you are still seeing airports on top of each other, one of them is not associated with the exact same ICAO. Is there an airport with a different (perhaps fake) ICAO code on the same coordinates?
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Thanks for the early answer. The real airport changed its ICAO code to SPJC in October. The default scenery had already done this change; however, the custom scenery didn't. I changed the ICAO of the custom and it works perfectly.


Thank you!