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I have a Hotas warthog thrust master, Using a mac.

I'm trying to set a switch to say , turn on and off the battery.

so I go to the advanced button menu and I see how to set one switch to turn off and one to turn on that switch in the xplane. How do i get the state of one switch to control a switch in x-plane.

so i just want to throw one switch and turn something on and off.

I cant seem to find any instruction on the advanced button menu's

any help would be great.

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To assign a function to a joystick beyond what is available in the Buttons: Basic tab, you can use the Buttons: Adv tab to assign any command function available to a button. As in the other tab, FIRST press the button you would like to assign, then click on the command function you would like to assign that button in the right half of the screen. Functions are classified into a number of categories (operation, engines, ignition, etc.), found in the middle pane of this window. The functions themselves are found in the right pane of the window. Click on the radio button (that is, the small, circular button) beside the category you’re looking for, then click the radio button next to the function itself.