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Hi To All,

As of tomorrow I will be moving from an old 2012 iMac to the 2019 up-spected iMac as a result of the the poor performance I was getting when running X-Plane.

Would it be just a matter of moving the folder it's installed to (that also has the Installer) to the new unit?

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Hi Fritzables

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK.

Assuming that you are using a valid copy of X-Plane 11 purchased from LR i.e. a digital download, then you can do one of two things:-

1. Copy and paste the entire X-Plane 11 file structure from one PC to the other

2. Re-download X-Plane 11 again from the LR website

Either way, you may need to enter your original product key again, depending on which option you use.

If you are using a valid DVD set from LR, then just re-install as previously, if required.

If you are using a copy of X-Plane 11 from any third source i.e. Steam, then please refer to them before doing anything.

Hope this helps

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Yea, sure is a legit purchase.

I used the Digital Installer when installing 11.

OK, thanks heaps for the help, see what happens tomorrow night. smiley