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I'm getting the error message "Don't send me co-located points. Heading is undefined".  I looked at the log file, and X-plane thinks I have filed a flight plan. I did not.  The error message seems to appear because I'm not following the " flight plan". I looked deeper into the Log file and found the following line:

 p1(N01XP) Popup FP filed to KSDF at 35000 via 6107N11751W YHY YSM YKJ YVC YQD LEATS YDN VLR HML IDJ ST

What is a popup FP (file plan?).  How do I remove it?

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Do you have more than just your plane enabled? If you did not file a flight plan, it could be that one of the AI planes did.  You can disable all AI planes under the Aircraft & situations window. On the second tab, set the number of aircraft to 1 (for yourself).