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I just installed the latest update on 15th October 2017, and since, I am receiving an annoying Message about time-speed and rendering options of my PC. I use MAC OS 10.12.6.
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Hi, I'm not sure Laminar Research planned to make it possible for us to deactivate this warning.

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Turn down rendering options to get higher fps to get rid of the warning. Austin has that nasty message on screen when you get below 20 fps in an attempt to explain that you should cut options to run faster - otherwise they email him and say "flying from KBOS to KJFK took 2 hours at 8 fps."
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Thanks for the feedback, really appreciated, as well as the the 2 hours flight comment.. Message well understood with a big smile that exceeded 50 fps...
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But the same settings that run smooth as silk at 30+ FPS in my main Xplan 11 install, give me .4 and a nasty message with the beta 11b4 version. WHY?

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