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I have tried several times to play the game with a new aircraft I purchased from X (Ikarus C42). I have loaded it into the aircraft folder as per instructions to no avail. I have been in touch and they suggest I have more than one aircraft folder? I have searched and can only find one aircraft folder and have even deleted one aircraft from the folder and when I open the game the deleted aircraft is still there and the new uploaded aircraft is not in the game but in the folder.

I did have the trial version first and then purchased and downloaded the game online.

I can only see one version of the game and only one aircraft folder - please can you help.


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Hi Stewart,

I am not from Laminar Research or XForcePC; just a flight simmer from down under.

My comments are based on the fact you have purchased the official, genuine and original version of X-Plane from Laminar Research and not the 3rd party modified hybrid version of X-Plane.

Have you installed X-Plane either onto the desktop or onto/into a dedicated directory on your "C" drive or onto a dedicated drive just for X-Plane  

Have a look at the following link found at  from Michael Brown.  Michael runs a business that builds PCs predominantly for X-Plane.  His business is preferred by Laminar Research as the PC supplier suitable for X-Plane in the USA.

Use the advice because he has the experience.  Have a good look at the video, especially the latter half, where he discusses the actual installation process.  

As a side issue the demo download is the same package as the full package.  The demo mode converts to the full mode when you apply the product code otherwise you remain in demo mode.

How much or have you installed any additional aircraft or other software packages onto your system.  If none or very few, then it may be prudent to perform a complete deletion of X-Plane and do a fresh install.  When you do,  use a good reliable software removal package that will perform a "remnant" file check rather than relying on windows uninstaller (or Mac system) software. 

If all else fails then attach your log.txt file  so others with a greater knowledge base than me may be able to spot a particular cause of your problem.   

Good luck.