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So when I do my normal flight on a 737-800 to navigate my rout I just type into the FMC the starting point, the destination, and some way points.  That is it but I found out that you can program the FMC and the auto pilot to follow the the rout for you.  I was just wondering how to do that.

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Have you followed the tutorial that came with X-Plane 11?  It’s the file “X-Plane FMS Manual.pdf” located in the “X-Plane 11\Instructions” folder.  It contains a step-by-step example route for LNAV and VNAV; simple, but a place to start for the Laminar’s FMC.

That said, the default FMC in XP11 is a simplified version of the actual thing.  I found the operation associated with the autopilot to be hit-and-miss, sometimes.  For a more realistic and reliable sim experience, you need a dedicated FMC built for the specific aircraft—often only found in more expensive payware airliner.  The freeware Zibo B738 mod does have a much improved implementation.

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Brenden. I created a video which runs through the 737 startup procedure which may help. I use the Free Zibo Mod of the default 738 mentioned by disc below.